About Quintessential F

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QUINTESSENTIALF.com is a faith based lifestyle chaperon and online community, designed to inspire and motivate WOMAN to discover her authentic self and worth as she navigates her way through life. The common adage stands; that we women talk a lot, possibly more so than our masculine counterparts (#clearsthroat!). But what gives? Hasn’t it ever made a difference to receive words of encouragement from a friend halfway across the world letting you know you are doing a great job not withstanding your present circumstances? Don’t you receive an internal boost of new energy (it’s okay to admit) upon reflection on the personal triumph of a sister known to you or otherwise,   simply because her story resonated with you in such a deep way? QUINTESSENTIAL F endeavours to remove stereotypes and self-fulfilling prophesies that hinder us from reaching out fullest potential as WOMAN and issues tied to our FEMININITY. We share real life issues, testimonies and tips on FAITH, FAMILY, FINANCES, FASHION, FITNESS and all other topics that make us FIERCELY FABULOUS, whilst placing our emphasis on the importance of  daily prayer, supplication, reflection and conversation with each other and most importantly, our HEAVENLY FATHER.

QUINTESSENTIAL F was birthed by a circle of friends, brought together by chance encounters in life. Yet still after having enjoyed many successes and failures along the way, they found themselves asking each other at different intervals, whether they were REALLY living their best life. As the struggle continued on how to maintain a healthy aesthetic in the advent of a painful experience, balancing career enrichment and the home life, pursuit of marital bliss, combatting spiritual stagnation, failed business ventures, ailing relationships and a host of other situations, the common thread that thrived was the importance of God and checking in on each other from time to time. So QUINTESSENTIAL F, with its team and supporters affectionately referred to as QFs, breathed its first breath.

We QFs at QUINTESSENTIAL F want to hear and share your story from the tip of your tongue to the movement of your fingers across a keyboard, because we know without a shadow of a doubt that it WILL UPLIFT someone else who has or is going through the same thing you have. We thrive on the grit because we understand that NO DIAMOND CAN SHINE WITHOUT ENDURING ITS SHARE OF ABRASION and there ARE FEW TESTIMONIES WITHOUT TESTS, NOR TRIUMPHS WITHOUT TRIALS. GOD is doing a work in you.  Regardless of what billboards billow out messages of inadequacy. You are unique, you have what you need to become who you want to become, you have what it takes and you have a voice…and we want to be a part of your story.



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