Our Top 10 inspired quotes from Zimbabwean women who inspire us

I continue to marvel at just how much giving my time and effort to this platform has transformed me.  GOD is truly at work through some amazing women in my life. I draw strength from the knowledge that there are so many women I can learn and grow from if I open myself to asking questions on how they encounter their successes.

In the coming weeks, we look forward to bringing to you more inspired testimonials, interviews, musings if you will – from Zimbabwean women that are mastering their own destinies and sharing their lives with others through their professions, works, talents and gifts. QF Features have been some of the most widely read elements of our blog, as readers are able to see themselves in the stories of other unique and tenacious women.

Today i’d like to share in one setting, some of the most beautiful words shared by women we have enjoyed sitting down with. I hope you enjoy these as we enjoyed sitting down and talking through their success stories…











Check out their full interviews under the QF Features tab on our homepage. There’s plenty of wisdom there!

Quintessentially yours,

QF Yvonne

Don’t talk yourself out of what’s yours!

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”- Joshua 1:9

A few days ago I received a “YES” to something I had been believing in GOD for a little while. You see with me, when GOD wants me to take on an assignment, I become engulfed by a sense of urgency – like time is running out and I need to get started right away! As a matter of fact, that’s kinda how Quintessential F was born. An instruction, brainstorming over Skype and emails, and GOD meticulously sending the right people that would be a part of this vision coming to life. The same was the case when I got to researching, putting forward applications and drafting paperwork for this particular task, before sending it all in and letting GOD take control.

A call came in at almost 10pm and I picked it up because it was an international number (I have a no phone calls after 8pm policy unless time difference is involved). As the caller shared the good news and went over the next steps and what documentation I needed to send in in the coming days, I was immediately overcome by total anxiety. I silently started talking myself out of this thing I had been praying for over the past few weeks.

“I don’t have capacity, my schedule is too packed right now…”

“I’m barely scrapping the surface with all i have to do during the day; maybe I should wait till next year…”

“Budget!!!! I really need a vacation and want to go somewhere exotic before the year’s out but how now with the money required to get started with this thing…”

This internal debate loomed until I fell asleep.

As I drove my cubs to school the next morning, I asked GOD to give me a confirmation that would settle my mind.

You see beloved, GOD gives us what we ask for. If we ask for a job, He will give us one. It may not be exactly what we are looking for, but it is what’s needed to take you to that dream job. If you ask GOD for a marriage, He will give you that also. But He won’t do the work for you to keep that marriage happy and thriving. YOU need to put in the work.

As I drove back home, I felt a calm in my spirit as GOD reminded me that the doubt in my mind about whether I could or should pursue this thing, was yet another attempt by the devil to derail me from my ambition. I had asked for this particular thing. In fact I had asked for it for a long time but at different intervals such that anxiety should have been the last set of emotions to pay me a visit upon receipt of the good news. Now was the time to get started!  NOW presented the right ingredients and conditions to challenge myself further, but here came the enemy trying to talk me out of what’s already been given unto me.

This is what the devil, and his cousins fear and anxiety do. They talk you out of your purpose, they talk you out of your faith and they talk you out of your strength.  We ask, GOD grants, but then we resist receiving by convincing ourselves we aren’t ready, or worthy, or capable. Don’t let this be you! Not today and moving forward, not ever!

As a type this, I am excited to having accepted this gift i have been praying for. It took me 24 hours to push through and psyche myself up spiritually and mentally. I am excited to discover more of GOD’s power working in me as I live out my life and work towards my destiny.

If there is something that your spirit has been telling you to do, but you are overcome by doubt, fear and maybe anxiety – look back at the prayers you have been sending to the heavens over the years. The enemy does anything he can to keep you from your blessings. Don’t give him that power. Rather, call on GOD to grant you the strength to see you push through the labour required for your vision to be born.

Quintessentially yours,

QF Yvonne

Your dreams aren’t dead: The rebirth of your vision board

In the last couple of days I’ve had the opportunity to catch up with two of my close friends who are going through some things. One is at a place in her life where she feels she needs to reinvent herself. From entrepreneurship challenges to calling it quits on a relationship she carried high hopes for – she said she felt her world had come to a screeching emergency stop this year – except the stop was in many ways befuddling and without concrete explanation. It was all a hodge-podge of things she couldn’t control and wished that she could which is why the acceptance of the new status quo was increasingly difficult. “How did i get here?”she asked. I said the one thing that I always say because it has shaped the very essence of how i get through life – SEASONS AND TIMES. The other relocated to another country on account of her husband’s job. Having held onto her career and support system as a strong part of her identity, she was now struggling to cope in this new environment and couldn’t understand who she was without the career and social life she left behind in her native country.

We make plans, we put pen to paper, we hustle and grind and invest all that we know how to, yet the answers and intended results don’t seem to come. For a time i lived in that space where my life had become so overtaken by new roles and life itself that i masterfully became a zombie. “Uninspired routine”plagued me and i knew i wanted something more. It didn’t help to sit down over coffee with friends who seemed to be so on top of the world that their fierce exploits made me feel like quite the bum! But then my faith kicked in after many vicious punches at prayer meetings. The words kept making their dramatic entry into the room from different messengers – “Yvonne, you keep holding back. GOD is saying its time to step out and step into your dreams.”How though when i wasn’t even sure i could describe the lull i was in. It was time for a vision board – a mental manifestation of what i wanted to see happening that would swing me into ACTION!

Fast forward to 3 or so years later and i now know what was happening then. I had to start believing again that there was more to me and what I desired for myself. It wasn’t wrong to set aside my personal goals and ambitions on account of the season I was in. What was wrong was to take them so far out of my mind that I soon came to forget what it is I wanted in the first place. What was wrong was to allow myself to think that what I wanted wasn’t achievable because it didn’t actually matter. What was wrong was to make excuses by accepting all the “no’s”and “not now’s” as meaning “it will never happen.”


It was only when i dared dream again that my mind wrapped itself around possibilities. It was only when i started to remember why I carried certain desires in the first place that I began to pick myself up and out of the rut, rebuild my confidence and carry on. It is only when I said “GOD yes please”that I began to see the doors and potential for new beginnings for what it was. So this note…albeit long over due…is for every woman who is out there staring at what is still to come in 2016 was and wondering what will be of her future. You and I are still breathing so we still have a chance at this – so let’s go!!

Quintessentially Yours,

QF Yvonne