Praying isn’t an event; it’s a lifestyle!

Throne of grace

I used to think that living a prayerful life meant waking up at 4 am and praying till the day breaks, or spending hours in the church pews calling out to GOD with all sorts of complicated language. Growing up we were taught that praying is in some ways a ritual, that requires complete shutdown so you can hear get out what you need to say to GOD. I have learned from my mom, and walking with other women of faith – that being prayerful is in fact a lifestyle. It involves speaking to GOD about your wishes, what you need, your feelings, your hurts and struggles, your successes and victories at ANY TIME. There is no protocol required – just respect to your MAKER and an open and truthful heart.

Gone are the days where I wait for complete silence before I utter my “Dear GOD…” I found fulfillment in prayer and freedom in my relationship with GOD when I began to understand that GOD does not expect complication in conversation or a big praying event. HE just wants us to speak, as how we would speak to our dads or our best friends. Speak life into yours by speaking to HIM openly, at any time, without limitations. GOD wants state. He already knows what we really want to say, or are really thinking. There is no way to hide our feelings from HIM. But, the ability to lay down your truth, whether you are stuck in traffic or getting ready to visit the doctor or pick up your kid from school – is what GOD is looking for.

Don’t get me wrong. Quiet time is necessary. It is absolutely essential to make time to tap into the WORD of GOD, to pray in solitude as Jesus did often. You need this time to soak up what GOD is saying to you without the distractions of the TV bellowing in the background or that shirt you’ve been debating about buying taking you away from focusing. But as I said before, praying in itself is a lifestyle. I talk to GOD whenever and wherever. He guides me all through my day and grants me peace when making decisions – even the simple ones like which road to take on my way to work or who to speak to for the help that I need. I know HE is there so never feel lonely. As a matter of fact, this is why i enjoy my evening jogs or  moments alone – because I get to speak life into my own through my chats with GOD.

I implore you today, to take out the formality in much of your prayer life and just come to HIM. GOD has no limits to the number of times you can talk to HIM or make requests. He just wants you to operate with HIM as you would in any of your most trusted relationships.

Quintessentially Yours,

QF Yvonne



PRAYER Is That #SOULFOOD; That Air You Need To Stay Slaying!

A throwback article from yours truly because again, sometimes you need to turn to GOD and your very own inspiration to stay in the good faith zone. Happy Reading.

“Pray and Pray again, there will come an hour when the request will be granted.” – Devorim Rabbah

I came across this quote and I thought “YESSSS!…AMEN and AMEN!!” I’m sure you’ve heard someone in your lifetime , preacher or otherwise, assert  “Prayer doesn’t change God, it changes you!” If a room were to be asked to testify to this truth, I would certainly be one within the number that would raise their hand or stand to their feet in agreement. In my quest for reacquainting myself with the so-called new me or authentic me so to speak, I realize now more so than ever before that there is no way to remotely scrape the surface of what and whom we as a people are without surrendering to the fact that there is a Higher Power, a Godly power, God Himself. To know life is to know Him, and to know Him is to seek him. My personal conversations with God have revealed not only His Majesty, His desire to not only want the best for my life, but the very fact that my life is not my own. That innate revelation has allowed me to learn how to RELINQUISH POWER AND CONTROL, so that I may in actual fact, GAIN IT.


“Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open unto you…” I believe prayer (and supplication) involves all of these action items of asking, seeking and knocking. Often times we rely on situational prayer as I like to call it. You know when you haven’t said a word to God in a couple weeks and then prospects for a new job arise or a bank offers you that much coveted mortgage facility. In you go to that “prayer closet” that hasn’t been dusted or swept since your last interview 2 years ago, or while you awaited a landlord to approve your request for tenancy. Prayer shouldn’t wait for a circumstance or situation, but should effectively be a way of life. Many a time it isn’t easy, but you get better at it, much like how you fine tune your grammar through reading more books. I’ve learned not to await the opportune location or time to pray but rather get a few words in as I run my errands, watch television, read and so on. God hears every word we send out to Him and it is intricately placed in his prayer registry for response at the time of His choosing. From our mouth to God’s ears! I encourage you today to begin your journey to experiencing a fulfilled life through learning how to pray and why it is that we do pray. Rightly said, God is the same yesterday, today and forever, therefore remains unchanged; however…it is us that begin to do the changing…a change that can never be regretted.

Quintessentially Yours,

QF Yvonne